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Challenges of RAG Overview

The allure of “talking to my data with AI” has many engineering teams working on prototypes. Surely it can’t be that hard to build retrieval augmented generation (RAG)? You gather some documents from Google Drive, make them searchable, add a prompt template, call a model, and… it works!

Dave Cliffe
By Dave Cliffe
Head of Product at Atolio

How Atolio uses Atolio

One of the benefits of building a workplace search product is being able to dogfood it yourself – regardless of whether you’re an engineer or client facing member of the team.

Mark Matta
By Mark Matta
Co-founder at Atolio

The New Wave of Search Tech for the Enterprise

Enterprise search is fast becoming one of the most interesting and engaging technical domains, with a bright decade ahead. Yes, enterprise search.

Cody Collier
By Cody Collier
Search and ML Engineer at Atolio

A System for Selling PagerDuty from $1M to IPO

Before starting Atolio with David and Gareth, I spent 8 years at PagerDuty (early 2012 to late 2019) in a variety of different client facing roles. During that time, I walked the journey of being the 1st sales rep when the company was doing less than $1M in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) to a successful IPO on the NYSE.

Mark Matta
By Mark Matta
Co-founder at Atolio

Enterprise Search is Better Than You Imagine

An ideal enterprise search system (also known as "cognitive search" or "insight engines") quickly retrieves documents, conversations, and other content, relevant to the searcher, across all important internal knowledge systems. Historically, "What is the PageRank equivalent at work?" has not been well-answered.

David Lanstein
By David Lanstein
Co-founder and CEO at Atolio

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