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A System for Selling PagerDuty from $1M to IPO

Before starting Atolio with David and Gareth, I spent 8 years at PagerDuty (early 2012 to late 2019) in a variety of different client facing roles. During that time, I walked the journey of being the 1st sales rep when the company was doing less than $1M in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) to a successful IPO on the NYSE.

Mark Matta
By Mark Matta
Co-founder at Atolio

Enterprise Search is Better Than You Imagine

An ideal enterprise search system (also known as "cognitive search" or "insight engines") quickly retrieves documents, conversations, and other content, relevant to the searcher, across all important internal knowledge systems. Historically, "What is the PageRank equivalent at work?" has not been well-answered.

David Lanstein
By David Lanstein
Co-founder and CEO at Atolio

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