Workplace Search is the new AI Infra.

Search that works across all of your company's apps.
Find answers — or the people who have them.

  • Permission-aware connectors into all of your data sources.
  • Relevant search results using the connections between teams & their knowledge - your collaborative graph.
  • All deployed in your own cloud using your choice of LLMs.
“Using the collaborative graph inside organizations, Atolio is finally doing for enterprise search what Google did for the web: finding what you want.”
Aaron Rankin
Co-Founder & CTO

Search that returns results.

Quickly answer the questions your team is asking (again, and again, and again...)

Less frustration, more finding.

Forget where you saw that document, ticket, presentation, email, message, ..?
Find whatever you need from wherever you work.
Search that actually works.

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Build your collective wisdom.

Discover the impact when teams can self-serve the knowledge they need, right when they need it.

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Related, not relocated

Don't change where you work. Search across every app instantly from wherever you are and find the connections that matter.

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Personalized search results

Stop sifting through irrelevant results. Use your connections to your colleagues - your collaboration graph - to find relevance.

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Your data, your index

Stay in control of your data by hosting on infrastructure only you can access. Get setup in under 2 hours with our live support.

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Language models applied

Turn your siloed knowledge into collective wisdom by training private AI models for summarizing, classifying, answering, and more.

Atolio Podcast

Real-world wisdom from industry leaders. Listen in.

Latest Episode: Episode #18

Andrea Gallego, Global CTO at BCG GAMMA

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