Security FAQ

Where is my data being stored?

All data is stored in your own AWS or Azure account. We recommend a separate account be created to use solely for running the Atolio software. No data leaves your cloud account without explicit action, and Atolio does not have access to the account. The container image hosting the Atolio software is stored in an Atolio account and pulled into your account as part of the deploy process.

How is my data being stored?

All data is encrypted at rest, stored within your AWS/Azure account. TLS encryption is used to secure the web interface.

What data does Atolio index?

All of our connectors are permission-aware. Making sense of individual object ACL’s in-order to only display information that a given user has access to. Below is a table of the connectors supported today and connectors we are working on next:

Connector Type What is indexed?
Identity: Okta, Google IM, or Azure AD User ID’s and their mappings to tools integrated
Platforms: Microsoft OneDrive/Sharepoint, Google Drive User Directories, Groups, Email (optional), and Drive content
Tickets: Jira (Cloud & DC), Linear, ServiceNow Projects, Tickets, and Comments
Wiki: Confluence (Cloud & DC), Notion, Sharepoint, Stack Overflow for Enterprise (next) Spaces, Pages and Comments
Chat: Slack, Zulip, Teams Conversations where the Atolio bot is configured/invited to join
CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot (next) Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Knoweldge Base Articles
Repos: GitHub, BitBucket, GHE, GitLab Repositories (not the code), ReadMe files, Pull Requests, Commit Messages, and Issues
Email: Gmail, Outlook (next) Emails
Intranet: LumApps, Unily (next) Pages, Discussions

How do my users get access to the product?

Users get access to the product via SSO

How does logging work?

We receive error logs and usage metrics on request to provide a reliable service.

Architecture Diagram

Below is an architecture diagram for AWS. Similar architectures are in place for Azure.



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