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Episode 19

Jon Mort, CTO at The Adaptavist Group

Gareth Watts (Atolio CTO) interviews Jon Mort (CTO at The Adaptavist Group) about his career, the future of tech, and their partnership with Atolio.

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“One of the things I always look for in technology is the human connection part. How does that enrich relationships and shared understanding because there is so much power in teams.”
Jon Mort
CTO at The Adaptavist Group

Episode 18

Andrea Gallego, Global CTO at BCG GAMMA

Andrea Gallego (Global CTO at BCG GAMMA) has taken her career from large financial institutions, to rapidly growing NGOs, and ultimately to this intersection of consulting and tech. Listen in to hear her thoughts on the value of mentorships between women, how she became interested in startup culture, possible new ways to leverage information at consulting groups, and more.

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“I love seeing where ideas are born. And I love seeing how they're nurtured and how they grow.”
Andrea Gallego

Episode 17

Paolo Negri, Contentful Co-founder and CTO

Paolo walks us through his early career at startups across Europe, how he built a company solving a problem he faced at those very startups, why he encourages a culture based on experimentation at Contentful, and much more.

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“I think having an attitude where you take more of what's happening as a learning rather than a verification of what’s right or wrong really allows you to find your path through experiences, whether it is professionally or personally.”
Paolo Negri
Contentful Co-founder and CTO

Episode 16

Aaron Rankin, Sprout Social Co-founder and CTO

Aaron shares an open and honest reflection on how growing up in humble circumstances shaped him into the person he is today.

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“I think that the story has always been the same, but I think that the way that I would have told it has changed over the years, and the reason for that is I think that just as I've gotten older, I've gotten a lot more comfortable with who I am.”
Aaron Rankin
Sprout Social Co-founder and CTO

Episode 15

Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences Co-founder and CSO

Zane is a Co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences, a web-application security company acquired by Fastly. Zane shares what his career has taught him about security, founding teams, and what the future holds for digital transformations.

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“You need to kind of apply those same lessons of the folks that have done digital transformation and DevOps and cloud really well and apply those to information accessibility across your organization.”
Zane Lackey
Signal Sciences Co-founder and CSO

Episode 14

Chris Pesola, Plex Systems CIO

Chris Pesola is CIO at Plex Systems, a Rockwell Automation company. Chris talks with us about how his diverse career informs how and why he loves to mentor people.

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“I've had many mentors myself, which is why I have the pay it forward mindset.”
Chris Pesola
Plex Systems CIO

Episode 13

Shivani Govil, CCC Intelligent Solutions CPO

Innovation has been a central focus in Shivani Govil's career, including during her time at Silicon Valley Startups, SAP, and in her current role as Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions, a modern insurance solutions company. We dove into how she thinks innovation works at different scales, business units, industries, and more.

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“Technology is opening new frontiers, layered with the fact that customers have new appetites for how they want to engage. ”
Shivani Govil
CCC Intelligent Solutions CPO

Episode 12

Greg Tacchetti, State Auto Insurance CIO

Atolio's co-founder Mark Matta interviews Greg Tacchetti, CIO at State Auto Insurance. Greg shares his story, what he learned from his previous experience as a co-founder, which tech he's most excited about these days, and more.

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“Do you want to be the same kind of IT shop that takes monthly releases and incremental improvements to your products? Or do you want to be a high velocity, very dynamic shop that can really move the needle for however you define your customers?”
Greg Tacchetti
State Auto Insurance CIO

Episode 11

Alex Solomon, PagerDuty CTO

Alex Solomon (CTO & Co-founder at PagerDuty) joins us to talk about the early days at PD and some critical decisions about transparency, documentation, employee experience, and more.

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“We went through this really rapid growth phase and there was this explosion of systems, and you end up like getting crushed by the weight of all of these things and all of these silos that don't talk to each other.”
Alex Solomon
PagerDuty CTO

Episode 10

Karl Mosgofian, Gainsight CIO

Gainsight is building innovative customer-centric technology, so we sat down with their CIO, Karl Mosgofian, to hear about how he understands and supports the internal customer.

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“For goodness sakes, do what you can to make people effective and make their tools better. ”
Karl Mosgofian
Gainsight CIO

Episode 9

Andrew Sopko, Twitter Head of IT

Andrew shares his experience translating the artistic process to IT.

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“There is a creative aspect to IT work, and I think about the architecture of a system and the landscape of data models and all of those things as part of the creative process.”
Andrew Sopko
Twitter Head of IT

Episode 8

Steve Zerby, Owens Corning CIO

Fortune 500 CIO Steve Zerby talks with us about the culture of urgency that he is helping foster at Owens Corning and how it relates to ego, transparency, service, and more.

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“Checking the ego at the door isn’t something we do every day. It’s just who we are.”
Steve Zerby
Owens Corning CIO

Episode 7

Brad Pollard, Tenable CIO

Brad thrived in the punk-rock atmosphere of startups. Check out the full interview to hear some of the highlights (and struggles) from his exciting career.

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“When you have a binary approach to IT and someone says, “I want to do X, Y, Z,” and you say, “no” – all that does is inspire shadow IT.”
Brad Pollard
Tenable CIO

Episode 6

Jim Chilton, Cengage CIO

Jim shares stories about going from night-school student to five-time CIO, updating a 150 year-old data model, what technologies he thinks need to exist, and more.

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“My advice to anybody in a startup, if they're doing it together, particularly when you have founders and co-founders, is to never, ever forget. That you being together as a team is the important part.”
Jim Chilton
Cengage CIO

Episode 5

Dan Krantz, Keysight Technologies CIO

Dan talks leadership and startups, while also managing to bring up nuclear launch codes, 6G, and much more.

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“The startups that find some companies like us to partner with are going to be the most successful because now they're going to get real world input, tailoring their solutions to fix real world problems right then and there, and it'll take off.”
Dan Krantz
Keysight Technologies CIO

Episode 4

Andrew Campbell, Terex CIO

Andrew talks with us about a number of topics, including the concept of purposeful innovation at Terex, the drawbacks to single-vendor environments, his reasons for being a servant leader, and more.

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“I always try and remind my peers that the competition is outside the company, not inside the company.”
Andrew Campbell
Terex CIO

Episode 3

Julie Cullivan, Former Forescout CIO

Julie (Board Director at Axon, HeartFlow, and AaDya) joins us to share how she handled leading both technology & people at Forescout, why she took the leap to become a first-time CIO at FireEye, what she learned from her go-to-market roles at McAfee & Autodesk, and more.

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“Julie Cullivan (Board Director at Axon, HeartFlow, and AaDya) joins us to share how she handled leading both technology & people at Forescout, why she took the leap to become a first-time CIO at FireEye, what she learned from her go-to-market roles at McAfee & Autodesk, and more.”
Julie Cullivan
Former Forescout CIO

Episode 2

Ramin Beheshti, Dow Jones CPTO

Ramin is the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Marketwatch, and more. He talks leadership lessons, the value of curiosity, his approach to working with startups, and more.

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“A startup’s success comes down to listening to the customer. ”
Ramin Beheshti
Dow Jones CPTO

Episode 1

Yousuf Khan, former 5x CIO

Our first guest is Yousuf Khan, who discusses what he learned on his journey from accidental CIO at companies like Automation Anywhere, Moveworks, and Pure Storage to unconventional VC at Ridge Ventures.

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“I recognize that company building is tremendously hard, and if I could play a part in that, I would be honored to do so.”
Yousuf Khan
former 5x CIO

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