Atolio works where you do.

Get a holistic view of your whole business. Atolio connects with the apps and services that your teams already use, to provide a single, unified search experience.

Atlassian Confluence

Search that works across all your spaces, pages and comments to quickly find what you’re looking for and make sense of who was involved.

Atlassian Jira

Find the project, ticket, or comment in Jira that points you to the person who has answers.


Index repositories, pull requests, commits, comments and markdown (.md) pages across your GitHub instance to help your team find what they need.

Google Drive

Get the actual Google Doc, Sheet, or Presentation you’re looking for on page 1, whether it’s in a Shared Drive or your personal “My Drive”.


Get personalized results that only you can see in order to find that document you were sent in email to your personal work account.


Search across your projects, tickets, or comments to find the needle in the haystack.


Make it easy for others to find that important Notion page that you worked hard to write.


Connect your identity across the apps you use and provide a single sign-on experience through Okta via OIDC authentication.

Microsoft Azure AD

Integrate Azure Active Directory for both authentication via OIDC as well as mapping user identities across systems.

Microsoft SharePoint

Find the documents you need across your SharePoint sites and site drives.


Search your Slack conversations to find decisions made, information that was shared, or who to talk to next.


Index your Zulip streams, topics and conversations to find the discussion you may have missed.


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