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Episode 15 | December 1, 2021

Zane Lackey, Signal Sciences Co-founder and CSO

Zane is a Co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences, a web-application security company acquired by Fastly. Zane shares what his career has taught him about security, founding teams, and what the future holds for digital transformations.

  • The time Zane was hacked in 30 seconds (1:07)
  • Moving from @Etsy to founding Signal Sciences (5:57)
  • What to look for in founding teams (8:50)
  • Biggest lessons learned from co-founding (10:28)
  • Zane’s advice on learning from others (18:37)
“You need to kind of apply those same lessons of the folks that have done digital transformation and DevOps and cloud really well and apply those to information accessibility across your organization.”
Zane Lackey
Signal Sciences Co-founder and CSO

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