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Episode 1 | March 24, 2021

Yousuf Khan, former 5x CIO

Our first guest is Yousuf Khan, who discusses what he learned on his journey from accidental CIO at companies like Automation Anywhere, Moveworks, and Pure Storage to unconventional VC at Ridge Ventures.

  • Going from CIO to VC (2:22)
  • Would you have hired your younger self? (4:03)
  • The value of candid conversations (7:10)
  • Good vs. Bad relationships with startups (9:10)
  • Working with companies like Slack, Smartsheet, & Oomnitza (12:17)
  • How do you decide which startups to bet on? (14:33)
“I recognize that company building is tremendously hard, and if I could play a part in that, I would be honored to do so.”
Yousuf Khan
former 5x CIO

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