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Episode 13 | October 27, 2021

Shivani Govil, CCC Intelligent Solutions CPO

Innovation has been a central focus in Shivani Govil's career, including during her time at Silicon Valley Startups, SAP, and in her current role as Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions, a modern insurance solutions company. We dove into how she thinks innovation works at different scales, business units, industries, and more.

  • Shivani’s background (1:18)
  • How do you choose which startups to partner with? (3:28)
  • How has your idea of innovation changed? (7:10)
  • Innovating at different scales (11:05)
  • Competing for experiences (17:30)
  • Which new tech is the most exciting? (18:14)
  • Fostering a culture of innovation (21:26)
“Technology is opening new frontiers, layered with the fact that customers have new appetites for how they want to engage. ”
Shivani Govil
CCC Intelligent Solutions CPO

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