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Episode 19 | April 26, 2024

Jon Mort, CTO at The Adaptavist Group

Gareth Watts (Atolio CTO) interviews Jon Mort (CTO at The Adaptavist Group) about his career, the future of tech, and their partnership with Atolio.

  • Curiosity & breaking things (01:00)
  • Is the internet moving towards or away from standardization? (15:45)
  • Tough lessons from a failed startup (18:35)
  • How The Adaptivist Group is building better businesses (22:12)
  • Growing from 12 employees to over 1,000 (28:13)
  • Moving from engineering to managing (31:17)
  • The future of AI and LLM’s in engineering (34:42)
  • Why The Adaptavist Group partners with Atolio (38:15)
  • The importance of connecting collaborators (41:45)
  • What’s next for The Adaptavist Group? (44:48)
“One of the things I always look for in technology is the human connection part. How does that enrich relationships and shared understanding because there is so much power in teams.”
Jon Mort
CTO at The Adaptavist Group

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