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Episode 6 | June 2, 2021

Jim Chilton, Cengage CIO

Jim shares stories about going from night-school student to five-time CIO, updating a 150 year-old data model, what technologies he thinks need to exist, and more.

  • Jim’s personal investment in non-traditional learning (0:55)
  • Apprenti and the value of mentorship (2:27)
  • How many is too many vendors? (11:07)
  • To rationalize, or not to rationalize? (14:00)
  • Updating a 150 year old data model (21:22)
  • What goes into a strong founding team? (24:02)
  • What's the most needed technology? (26:18)
“My advice to anybody in a startup, if they're doing it together, particularly when you have founders and co-founders, is to never, ever forget. That you being together as a team is the important part.”
Jim Chilton
Cengage CIO

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