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Episode 12 | September 22, 2021

Greg Tacchetti, State Auto Insurance CIO

Atolio's co-founder Mark Matta interviews Greg Tacchetti, CIO at State Auto Insurance. Greg shares his story, what he learned from his previous experience as a co-founder, which tech he's most excited about these days, and more.

  • Greg’s early career and co-founding AssureStart (1:40)
  • Advice from Ali Tarhouni (18:10)
  • Working with serial entrepreneurs (22:50)
  • Insurance innovation (28:35)
  • Advice to other CIO’s (45:09)
“Do you want to be the same kind of IT shop that takes monthly releases and incremental improvements to your products? Or do you want to be a high velocity, very dynamic shop that can really move the needle for however you define your customers?”
Greg Tacchetti
State Auto Insurance CIO

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