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Episode 18 | April 27, 2022

Andrea Gallego, Global CTO at BCG GAMMA

Andrea Gallego (Global CTO at BCG GAMMA) has taken her career from large financial institutions, to rapidly growing NGOs, and ultimately to this intersection of consulting and tech. Listen in to hear her thoughts on the value of mentorships between women, how she became interested in startup culture, possible new ways to leverage information at consulting groups, and more.

  • Mentoring other women & the role of male allies (1:07)
  • Seeing where ideas are born (7:10)
  • Why startup culture encourages innovation (11:04)
  • Green computing (14:02)
  • Unlocking data at consulting firms (16:56)
  • Innovation in the consulting industry (23:27)
“I love seeing where ideas are born. And I love seeing how they're nurtured and how they grow.”
Andrea Gallego

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