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Episode 11 | September 9, 2021

Alex Solomon, PagerDuty CTO

Alex Solomon (CTO & Co-founder at PagerDuty) joins us to talk about the early days at PD and some critical decisions about transparency, documentation, employee experience, and more.

  • The story behind PagerDuty (1:15)
  • Launching product before feeling ready (8:00)
  • Employee experience in the early days (13:07)
  • Dutonium: building PD’s internal directory (15:48)
  • Transparency and being “open by default” (23:15)
  • SaaS Sprawl (24:37)
  • Alex’s advice to founders (26:44)
  • The future of PD (30:45)
“We went through this really rapid growth phase and there was this explosion of systems, and you end up like getting crushed by the weight of all of these things and all of these silos that don't talk to each other.”
Alex Solomon
PagerDuty CTO

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