Only pay for active users.
It's that simple.

$24 per active user per month, paid annually.

We believe our product speaks for itself. That’s why we let everyone in your company explore Atolio—then only charge for the most active users. No complex pricing tiers, no secret fees.

Here's how it works.

Every deployment includes all features.

Your Atolio deployment includes a baseline package of active user licenses—with all the bells and whistles. Let your team discover the magic of Atolio for themselves.

Only pay for the most active users in your organization.

Atolio only bills for accounts that meet our active-user threshold. Let everyone explore all our features, risk-free—then only pay for the employees who use Atolio most. No complex formulas, no frustrating pricing tiers. Just one simple, straightforward plan.

Atolio runs on your virtual private cloud, where you control your data.

Atolio runs in your VPC, so you can control its performance and infrastructure costs. This also means you control your privacy: Atolio never sees your document data, text content, or search metadata.


Atolio connects the apps that run your business.

Office 365 Jira Slack SharePoint Gmail Github Google Workspace Google Drive Azure AD Notion Okta Linear Confluence Bitbucket ServiceNow GitLab PagerDuty

“Atolio is building Splunk for business apps.”
Arash Masoumi
Director, Business Technology and Compliance

Let's get started.

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